Budapest Airport launches new flights to Georgia, Israel, France and the UK

New flight routes are expected on many airlines, including EasyJet, MyWay, LOT and more

The latest in a long line of flight route additions to Budapest Airport, new flights to Georgia have been announced.

According to MTI, Georgian airline MyWay is set to launch a service between Budapest and Tbilisi. Reports state that MyWay will fly between the two capital cities three times a week in the winter season starting on October 28th.

New flight routes are expected on other airlines. EasyJet will launch flights to London Southend and Manchester twice a week. Wizz Air will fly to Doncaster/Sheffield three times a week, and Polish LOT to London City fourteen times a week.

Budapest Airport also revealed that Wizz Air will fly to Ovda, Israel, and Ryanair to Amman and Marseille.