Budapest bomber could be a disgruntled former police officer

Police recently released new CCTV still images showing the Budapest bomb attacker in order to try and catch the suspect

The Budapest bomber could be a former police officer removed from the force, the National Defense Service of Hungary believes.

According to Lokál, more than twelve former officers were discharged from the police force as a result of disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

One of the policemen was sacked due to comments left on social media, while another complained of being forced to work in a position that was not in-line with his qualifications and work contract while several others were discharged for corruption, the paper reports.

Police recently released new CCTV still images showing the Budapest bomb attacker in order to try and catch the suspect.

Two police officers were severly injured in the atack which took place on Teréz körút near Oktogon on Saturday, September 24.

The video image (above) shows a white male between the ages of 20-25 years, wearing a white fishing hat, a dark jacket, jeans and white trainers.

Police are offering a 10 million HUF reward for help in identifying the attacker and are calling on members of the public to reveal the individual’s identity.

Police can be contacted through the toll-free telephone number 06-80/620-107, 06-80/555-111, on either of the central emergency numbers (107; 112) or in person at any police station.