Budapest police screens for commercial misusers of donations at railway stations

Police officers screen out commercial misusers of donations for refugees at aid points set up at Budapest railway stations.

The Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) strongly refutes rumors that people queuing at the aid point at Nyugati station are being checked for their ethnic origin.

In a press statement, BRFK said that the police are providing assistance to refugees from Ukraine without bias. In Budapest’s railway stations, people applying for donations are asked for documents in cases where it is suspected that someone is abusing the good faith of donors and trying to take large amounts of donations for the umpteenth time, taking it away from the truly needy.

Increasingly, police officers are encountering people with a registered Hungarian address mixing with those fleeing the war and taking donations from those for whom they were intended. Some are even going to the trouble of travelling from Budapest to a rural railway station, and boarding the train to the capital to pick up parcels at the aid point again and again.

The Budapest Police Headquarters is working with charities to prevent abuse.