Budapest-Vienna international railway line to be renovated

The international railway line that connects Budapest to Vienna is set to begin renovation works this coming spring.


Renovation of the international railway between Budapest and Vienna will begin next spring. The framework of the project is a complete renovation of safeguards and modernization of train control and central traffic management systems. The goal is to eliminate bottle necks and improve service levels.

“As a result of interoperability interventions, travel time can be reduced by a quarter of an hour, and the timetable will be expanded to the Austrian capital and Western Europe," says László Mosóczi, under-secretary for transport policy.

Mosóczi noted that the new implementations will help the competitiveness of environmentally-friendly railway transport and the strengthening of the economy.

Hungary won HUF 362 billion in European Network Facility (CEF) support during this EU cycle. The money supports 57 transport development projects.

These developments include complete quadrupling of the M15 and M70 motorways, which was completed last year, the construction of the Komáromi bridge over the Danube, which was inaugurated this September, and the modernization of the Kelenföld-Százhalombatta-Pusztaszbolcs and Rákos-Hatvan railway line sections.

This comes after Hungary signed the European Union’s grant agreement for the feasibility study of a new railway tunnel in Budapest connecting Kelenföld and Nyugati Railway Station.

Railway developments have been announced for Újszász, Lajosmizse, Veresegyháza, to allow more frequent services.

The intention is to develop suburban railway lines. The aim to create a sustainable alternative to auto emissions in the capital city. The only choice can be track-based transport.