Tokaj wines to be protected on Chinese market

Tokaj wines and other Hungarian products are set to be protected on the Chinese market thanks to an agreement between China and the EU.


The agreement between the European Union and China will come into effect next year. The agreement focuses on geographical indications on products. These indications establish intellectual property rights for specific goods, whose qualities are specifically linked to the area of production.

Among the list of products that will be protected is famous Hungarian Tokaj wine. The drink hails from the Tokaj region and includes six grape varieties that are officially approved for Tokaj wine production.

Currently, there are 64 Hungarian agricultural products that are protected in the EU. Within four years, the Ministry of Agriculture expects that another 175 products will be added to the list. These products will include pálinka, Szeged salami, and pomace brandy.

Geographical indications are important for the EU’s exports. These sales account for more than 13 percent of the total food and drink sector that is worth 17 billion euros. The geographically protected products in Hungary account for 397 million euros, with the wine sector accounting for 76 percent of total sales.

There are many upcoming opportunities for Hungarian goods in the Chinese market.

Photo credit: Borászportál