Coronavirus denial is detrimental to halting the spread of the virus

An official from the National Public Health Center told M1 television on Monday that coronavirus denial is hindering protection mechanisms.


Prevention based on a broad cooperation was being jeopardized by (coronavirus denial) views shared on internet portals, social media, as well as in schools. Ágnes Galgóczi said It is very important that everybody should grasp their individual responsibility.

Kristóf Gál noted that anyone who does not follow the rules of protection puts not only his own or his family’s health at risk, but also anyone he meets.

This comes as Hungary’s coronavirus situation is no easier than it was a month ago and is expected to get even more difficult over the coming weeks.

Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller noted that the number of new cases was “exponentially increasing” in the country. She called on all citizens to strictly observe preventative measures to contain the spread of the virus.

This past weekend 174 police measures were needed for violating the rules of mask wearing. “The police wish to be an ally to those responsibly observing the rules," a spokesman for the police service said.

Proper mask wearing is obligatory in shops, public transport, cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, healthcare and social care facilities, at sporting events and in public offices. With new requirements, as of Monday, additionally masks are required in entertainment venues, restaurants, and in catering facilities at sporting events. Masks are only allowed to be removed for eating and drinking.