CPAC Hungary: United We Stand! In just 30 days, we will bring the top conservative conference back to Hungary

On May 4th and 5th, the Centre for Fundamental Rights will once again host CPAC Hungary, the largest international action conference of the Right, in Budapest.

We have asked Hungary's Viktor Orbán to give the keynote speech at the conservative gathering, but there will be no shortage of international heavyweights.

Among those taking the stage are Former Czech and Slovenian prime ministers Andrej Babis and Janez Jansa, KariLake, Eduardo Bolsonaro, Herbert Kickl, as well as Barry Moore and Paul Gosar.

Additionally, politicians, influencers and journalists from Europe, North and South America, Israel and Japan will be attending - but who exactly, will have to remain a secret for the next few weeks.


The countdown is on: soon we will make the liberals' nightmare come true, the international alliance of national forces!

CPAC Hungary: United We Stand - and only together do we have the strength for peace!