Defense minister holds talks with commander of Hungarian troops in Iraq

Sándor Farkas confirmed that Hungarian troops are ready to fulfil their duties in Iraq and are ready to react to unexpected events.

Defense Minister Tibor Benkő held talks with lieutenant colonel Sándor Farkas on Thursday to discuss the situation in the Middle East.

Farkas, the commander of the Hungarian troops in Iraq, detailed what happened three days ago when the contingent was alerted that missile or drone attacks were to be expected within the next 72 hours.

Early on Wednesday morning, two missiles hit Erbil in northern Iraq where most Hungarian troops are stationed. One of the missiles failed to detonate. The troops donned protective gear and moved to bunkers, he said.

Farkas confirmed that the troops are now ready to fulfil their duties again and are ready to react to unexpected events.

Minister Benkő said the Iraqi parliament has decided to request the government to order foreign troops to leave the country. The Iraqi government, however, is yet to decide on the issue and most foreign units continue their operations.

Hungary deployed 200 men to Iraq to contribute to the war against the Islamic State terrorist organization in 2015. Their assignment has been prolonged until December 31, 2021.

Photo credit: lokal.hu