Euro 2016: Hungarian football fans know how to celebrate

Hungary's 1-1 draw with Iceland sees them top their section. They will face Portugal on Wednesday for a place in the last 16

Forget the violent antics of the Russian and English football fans during Euro 2016 in France this year, take note from the Hungarian fans on how to celebrate a successful football tournament.

A number of news outlets, including NBC America and LiveLeak.com, have released the accompanying video of Magic Magyar fans celebrating being top of their section after scoring a 1-1 draw with Iceland over the weekend.

In the video, posted on Youtube, thousands of fans are seen doing the Hungarian football chant on the streets of Marseille.

The next big test for Hungary will be on Wednesday when they face Portugal for a place in the round of the last 16, which will be a massive coup for the revitalized team if they win.

Over the past two weeks, footbal fever has hit Hungary hard and the success of the team is proving a success in bringing the country together to celebrate once more.