European Parliament elects Lívia Járóka, first ever vice-president of Roma origin

Member of the Hungarian Fidesz parliamentary group Lívia Járóka was elected vice president of the European Parliament today. She is the first person of Roma origin to hold the position.

“Knowing that my fellow MEPs put their trust in me is a great honor. I will do everything within my powers to strengthen the rights of underprivileged children, women, poor and minority people and to speed up their socio-economic integration,” the MEP emphasized following the vote.

Járóka became a member of the EP’s LIBE, ECON and FEMM committees in September, focusing on social inclusion issues of the Roma minorities of Europe, similarly to her work between 2004 and 2014.

Taking into account the 120 million needy members of the Roma communities living in the poorest regions of the EU, health- and environmentally conscious education and early childhood training are in the scope of her work as well. The appointment of Járóka is an important recognition of her previous efforts and the reinforcement of Fidesz’s position in the European Parliament.