Face masked Santas expected this Christmas

A Hungarian confectioner has spiced up the holiday season with a very appropriate addition to his chocolate Santas, a marzipan mask to keep them safe.


Hungarian László Rimóczi, known as the grilling guru, has added marzipan masks to his chocolate Santas as a light-hearted joke during these tense pandemic times. “I think by the time Santa comes he will have to wear a mask because Santa has to show a good example to people," he said. 

According to Reuters, what started off as a joke has led Rimóczi to be overwhelmed with chocolate Santa orders this year. He has had to simplify his chocolates designs to keep up with the growing requests.

The Santas which are made at Rimóczi-Art Csokoládé Grillázs Szalon consist of a simple design. The base is gluten-free Italian chocolate with a red hat and marzipan masks.

The confectioner also sells various special chocolate designs including milk chocolate computer mouses, wrenches, and an assortment of other chocolate wonders appropriate for this time of year.

Rimóczi noted that with the acquisition of a vaccine he does not expect next Christmas’ masked Santas to be in high demand. For now he works at making about 100 chocolate Santas a day to try and keep up with the high demand.

With Christmas markets and other events closed this year, Rimóczi is making Christmas 2020 one to remember.

Photo credit: Business Insider