Budapest hosts the largest folk art festival this weekend

The traditional fair and stage performances create a unique medieval atmosphere which takes place at Buda Castle each year

The Festival of Folk Arts, the largest of its kind, is being held between August 17-20th in Budapest this year.

The festival is growing from strength-to-strength and is taking place for the 32nd time, at Buda Castle this weekend.

The event, evoking the ambiance of old times, is a celebration of crafts and craftsmen from all over the Carpathian Basin and beyond.

This year more than 800 Hungarian and 150 foreign masters await visitors, young and old, who can turn their hand to folk crafts and also bring home some unique artwork of craftsmen.

This year’s featured theme is weaving and spinning, which are the most ancient branches of folk crafts in the region.

Special guests of the festival this year include crafts masters from Iran, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

There are several interactive programs for children where even the youngest can try their hands in an authentic medieval atmosphere. This year, in honor of The Year of Families, families can engage in traditional games and sports and real handicraft dynasties present professional intergenerational cooperation.

The all-day event is enriched with folk art concerts, dance shows and even traditional story-tellings from hundreds of performers.

As part of the National Talent Program, aiming to re-think traditions, ensure sustainability, and to value salvation, the festival provides a platform for young folk artists.

For more information, visit the official website.