Fidesz-KDNP nominates Tamás Sulyok for president and Tamás Deutsch for EP election list leader

The announcements were made by parliamentary group leaders Máté Kocsis (Fidesz) and István Simicskó (KDNP) during a press briefing in Balatonalmádi, following a meeting between the governing parties’ parliamentary groups.

The Fidesz-KDNP coalition has unanimously nominated Tamás Sulyok, the current president of the Constitutional Court, as their candidate for the presidency and Tamás Deutsch as the lead candidate for their EP electoral list.

These nominations follow a parliamentary group meeting where the coalition discussed several key issues, including the upcoming presidential election. The National Assembly is scheduled to decide on the resignation of the former president on February 26.

The selection of Tamás Sulyok is based on his legal background and leadership experience, qualities the coalition believes are vital for the presidency. The decision to nominate Tamás Deutsch as the list leader is part of the coalition's electoral strategy.

Both nominations are significant steps as Hungary approaches crucial elections, with the Fidesz-KDNP coalition aiming to maintain governance aligned with their political and national objectives.