Fidesz remains most popular party in Hungary

Hungary's ruling Fidesz party maintains its lead among the country's political parties

A poll by the Idea Institute has found that the ruling Fidesz party has maintained its lead among political parties in Hungary.

The poll showed that Fidesz had a popularity rating of 35 percent at the end of December compared with 34 percent in November.

The right-wing radical Jobbik had a popularity of seven percent, with the Socialists also at seven percent and the social-liberal Democratic Coalition with six percent.

According to Rmx.news, the most telling results are the party preferences among decided voters. These show a Fidesz lead with the party standing at a round 50 percent, followed by Jobbik with 11 percent, the Socialists with 10 percent and the Democratic Coalition (DK) with 9 percent.