FM: Trump’s return to the White House would yield better Hungary-US relations

The foreign minister said the Hungarian government wants the world to be more peaceful.

Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said in New York on Monday that the Hungarian government wants the world to be more peaceful and Hungarian-US relations should develop positively in the coming period.

The foreign minister added that those goals would be aided by Donald Trump’s return to the White House. Minister Szijjáró said it was up to the American people to decide on the next US president. “Their choice must be respected…” he said. “We will try to work together with the president, with the administration that gets elected,” he said. “Even so, our experience was that when Donald Trump was in office, the political part of Hungary-US relations was also at its peak,” he added. “And when Trump was president, being a strong American leader, he was able to prevent the outbreak of armed conflicts,” Szijjártó said. Had Trump been the US president, there would be no war now in Ukraine and the crisis in the Middle East could be resolved a lot quicker, he said. “The name of peace and good Hungarian-American relations is that of Donald Trump,” the foreign minister said.