General election results become final

According to the final results, ruling Fidesz-KDNP won 135 mandates in the new parliament.

The results of the general election on April 3 have become final and binding.

According to MTI, the top Hungarian court, the Kúria, rejected the only appeal against the results on Saturday, submitted by the opposition Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland). Mi Hazánk requested a recount of mail-in ballots from Hungarian citizens with no domicile in the country. The party said the National Election Office (NVI) had failed to publish data on damaged mail-in ballots, and so Mi Hazánk’s delegate in the National Election Committee (NVB) could not determine whether they were valid. In its decision on Saturday, the Kúria said the national list is a result of partial results which have already become binding and thus not subject to debate.

The appeal also aims to change a decision of the Election Office citing procedural errors at the Election Committee, conflating the roles of the two bodies. Also, Mi Hazánk has not exhausted all legal recourse determined in the election procedural law for irregularities in NVI procedures, the decision said. The Kúria’s decision upheld the NVB’s decision on the election results. The results of the election of individual mandates have become final in every district by April 12, and so the result of the Kúria means the election results are now final. According to the final results, ruling Fidesz-KDNP has won 135 mandates in the new parliament, the alliance of the opposition Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, Socialist, Párbeszéd, Momentum and LMP parties has won 57 mandates, while Mi Hazánk has six and the national authority of ethnic Germans in Hungary one mandate.

Photo credit: Shutterstock