Gulyás: Hungary does not support decisions that lead to an escalation of the war in Ukraine

The minister stated that there is “no legal basis” for the EU commission to delay funds dedicated to Hungary.

At today’s Government Info session, Minister Gulyás told reporters that the European Commission is not acting legally against Hungary. He said that last August, the Hungarian government agreed to comply with the European Commission's request on 17 points and that they were ready with their subsequent requests.

The minister added that one of the major conditions blocking the EU funds to which Hungary is entitled is the matter of judicial reform. However, Justice Minister Judit Varga has already agreed on all the details of the bill with members of the European Commission, and “the government is now waiting for feedback on this issue.”

Regarding the dishonest U.S. human rights report bolstering exaggerated claims about the state of human rights issues in Hungary, Gulyás said that the U.S. government wrote the report out of frustration after they “unnecessarily gave the left HUF 4 billion to replace the government.”

“The document has no legal relevance, and the allegations are factually untrue, lies and a smear campaign,” he said.

According to the minister, Hungary is being undermined due to its pro-peace stance, pointing out that statements in recent weeks “have given cause for concern."

Gulyás stated that Hungary is not involved in any arms transfers and that “only an immediate ceasefire can save lives,” adding that the “right thing to do is to continue to assist refugees through humanitarian means.”

The minister noted that a pro-peace resolution will be debated in parliament next week. The Hungarian people had taken a clear stance on peace a year ago, and he, therefore, asked the parties to support their position.