Gergely Gulyás: We must defend our national interests

“Europe must comprise of nation states who refuse to let migration affect their identity,” Gergely Gulyás said

The Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergely Gulyás warns against the threat of cultural heterogeneity.

Highlighting his skepticism about politicians such as Guy Verhofstadt, he argued that a united European state would bring about clashes of an unprecedented nature. Allowing migrants into the EU is not plausible, he added.

In a frank interview with Magyar Nemzet, the Minister also touched upon the future of Europe, the end of Angela Merkel’s political career and the tainted views about Fidesz proliferating in left-liberal, Western media outlets.

Gulyás stressed that the people must decide on the future of Europe. Instead of the old, increasingly-obsolete Franco-German axis, today’s Europe is split based on the question of migration. Those worried about cultural coherence must overpower the Western states who take a more lax, less responsible stance.

Applauding the Hungarian government for its strong and unmatched efforts to further develop the political and economic ties between V4 countries, Gulyás also emphasized how important it would be to establish partnerships in which parties representing different political views can equally take part in the decision-making process. The V4 is perceived as an anti-migration, nation-state-oriented, Europe-friendly block within the EU - and as such, it succeeded to forge a place within the broader political scene. We need more of those, he concluded.

Photo credit: pestisracok.hu