Government purchases 60 new environmentally-friendly buses

The Hungarian government is increasing public transportation in Budapest with the purchase of 60 new buses.


The Hungarian government recently purchased 60 new Mercedes-Benz Conecto G articulated buses. The purchase cost the government HUF 6 billion. The new buses will be in service on routes in the capital city as well as those connecting satellite communities.

The aim is to help commuters to travel faster, more comfortably, and with environmentally-friendly transportation. The government has been focusing on environmentally-friendly additions to the capital city.

Recently, HUF 2.3 billion was awarded in grants to service providers engaged in taxi services to support the purchase of several types of electric vehicles. Currently 279, 100 percent electric taxis are set to hit the roads.

The government also started a green bus pilot project. The first demonstration project was on the road in Debrecen this September. The bus was fully electric, the goal is to have public transport with low or net-zero emissions. The total spending is HUF 36 billion on environmentally-friendly vehicles in major cities.

Hungary is actively working toward fulfilling the climate neutrality goal set by the European Union by 2050.

Photo credit: Wikipedia