Government Spokesperson: New term will favor the nation and families

Zoltán Kovács said the government will focus on policies that favor Hungarians, including families, education, healthcare and more

Hungary’s government spokesperson has echoed the sentiments of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán by confirming the next term will see a demographics-focused administration that favors the nation and families.

“Over the past eight years, these two fundamental principles were already behind every one of our political actions. Caring for the nation also meant paying attention to cross-border Hungarians, while families received assistance through, amongst others, tax policy and decisions concerning home creation and children,” Zoltán Kovács said during an interview on Hungarian TV2 television.

The government spokesperson also highlighted the four fundamental principles of the upcoming political program previously described by the prime minister.

He said competitiveness is a priority consideration. Hungarian enterprises, and primarily small and medium-sized enterprises, must be made competitive. He said the workfare society where every Hungarian should have a job is important, the third and fourth aspects being demographics and the strengthening of identity.

The spokesperson has also said that the government has and always will focus on education and healthcare. For education, the government began its period in office by putting the education system in order, launching the career model for teachers and pumping development resources into education.