Government to set up new migrant camps on the borders

Hungary plans to gradually close down all inland migrant camps as it prepares to set up new camps on the borders

The Hungarian government is planning to gradually establish new migrant camps on the borders.

According to Reuters, the government is planning camps at 2-3 places on the southern border, where it wants to keep migrants while their asylum requests are being assessed. These would replace current camps located inland.

The news comes a week after the Hungarian defense forces announced that the Kelebia border protection base has been completed on the Hungary-Serbian border.

Chief of Defense Gen. Dr Tibor Benkő also announced that the installations at Bácsalmás, Madaras and Hercegszántó are expected to be finished by the spring. Each facility will provide modern field accommodation for altogether 600 men.

The defense chief said that soldiers will be on duty along the border until the end of the migration pressure on Hungary. He added that he hopes that their strength can be reduced by building the second fence, which would enable allocating more time for purposes of their training and preparation.