GPs can now confirm Covid-19 cases without positive PCR test

The National Center for Public Health has come up with a new policy on diagnosing suspected Covid-19 cases by GPs.


As of Monday, the NCPH released a new policy stating that general practitioners can diagnose suspected Covid-19 cases without a positive test result. GPs can classify them if patients present with Coronavirus-like symptoms (newly developed cough, fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell, possible lack or distortion of taste).

Another new rule is that PCR testing is only mandatory for those who have been in contact with a person confirmed to have Covid-19 and for those who work in or are cared for in healthcare institutions or long-term care facilities.

Those classified by their GP as infected can only be instructed to self-isolate and will not be placed in an official home quarantine.

The current quarantine guidelines have been reduced from 14 to 10 days. After those classified as infected or close contacts have completed their 10-day self-isolation they may return to their normal lives without presenting a negative PCR test.