Gulyás: All vaccines authorized in Hungary are safe

“Anyone who has received two jabs can be sure they are safe,” Gergely Gulyás said.

Gergely Gulyás, Head of the Prime Minister's Office, said that following the Budapest municipality’s purchase of 19,000 rapid antigen tests, they were not reliable enough to verify full immunity. He added that all vaccines authorized in Hungary are safe. Gulyás said most Hungarians have been inoculated with the WHO-approved Sinopharm vaccine. 

When asked to advize Hungarians who have not developed a sufficient level of antibodies, Gulyás said they should “not consider left-wing journalists virology experts”. “Anyone who has received two jabs can be sure they are safe,” he said. All vaccines are monitored constantly, he said. Whether recipients will need a booster shot will be decided by experts and manufacturers, and the government will comply with their opinion, he said.

In regards to stocks of vaccines, Gulyás said Hungary had stocked most of the Pfizer vaccine, followed by Sinopharm, both with long expiry dates. In addition, Hungary has 50,000 doses of Sputnik V jabs, and several hundred thousand doses of the Moderna and Janssen vaccines.