Gulyás: Hungary condemns attack on Israel in the strongest possible terms

Gergely Gulyás, Head of the Prime Minister's Office, said Hungary’s government recognizes Israel’s independence.

Gergely Gulyás, Head of the Prime Minister's Office, said Hungary continues to condemn the attack on Israel in the strongest possible terms.

Gulyás said Hungary’s government recognizes Israel’s independence. The international community must do everything in its power to avoid escalation, he said. Europe has a vested interest in the region’s countries preserving their freedom and security, he said. Unless Egypt and other countries are helped, “hundreds of thousands or even millions can make their way to Europe”, Gulyás said. Hungary draws a clear line between exercising the freedom of assembly and demonstrations in support of terrorism, he said. Hungary has banned all sympathy protests for terrorism, he said. Illegal migration is behind the “alarming phenomenon of thousands or tens of thousands hailing terrorists…”, Gulyás said.
Altogether 445 Hungarian citizens have been rescued from Israel and brought home so far, he said. Hungary has done a lot to evacuate Hungarians who were in danger, he said, noting however that 15 Hungarian citizens were still stranded in the Gaza Strip. All of the Hungarians are fine, Gulyás said, adding that Hungarian diplomats stayed in constant contact with them.

Gulyás added that Israel could fully count on the Hungarian state’s support in humanitarian support. Gergely Gulyás added that Hungary had often prevented the condemnation of Israel at international forums, at times as the only EU member state to veto foreign policy declarations. Asked about the possible consequences of the conflict in the Middle East, Gulyás said that some 2 million people lived in Gaza, half of whom might flee from the region. In connection with the adoption in parliament earlier in the day of a declaration that condemns the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel, Gulyás said it was “telling” about opposition Momentum that its lawmakers stayed away from the vote. Those lawmakers have failed to fulfil their duties, he added. Responding to a question, Gulyás said attempts aimed at paralysing Hungary’s EU presidency in the second half of 2024 had “recently waned”. The EU will benefit a lot from Hungary’s presidency under the incumbent government, Gulyás said and cited the experience of the previous Hungarian presidency under the same government in the first half of 2011. He said that the presidency was beyond doubt successful in that several issues under debate had been closed. A package of laws on the protection of Hungary’s sovereignty will be discussed by the board of ruling Fidesz in the week starting on November 5, said Gulyás. In connection with the recent parliamentary election in Poland, Gulyás said the Hungarian government respected its outcome and congratulated in advance the parties in the country’s next government. Next month, the government will make a decision on extending the interest rate stop beyond December 31, Gulyás said. Asked about inflation and wage increases, Gulyás said that after a nine-month negative period, a turnaround had taken place in September. He flagged “substantial wage increases in the first months of 2024”, adding that the government would also approve raising the minimum wages if the organisations of employers reach a relevant agreement with the unions.