Head of Hungarian Diocese of Russian Orthodox Church thanks government for its support

Metropolitan Mark said PM Orbán contributes to strengthening of spiritual values and Christian culture in Hungary.

Metropolitan Mark, head of the Hungarian Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, has thanked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for the support the Hungarian government has provided for the diocese.

“The refurbishment of historical churches and the construction of the new church in Hévíz will remain in the yearbooks of the diocese for all time as a special example of a contribution that the leader of a state can make to the revival and strengthening of spiritual values and Christian culture in Hungary,” the church leader wrote in a letter to the prime minister.

Metropolitan Mark wrote that “the position” that PM Orbán “holds on the issues of European Christian values, the protection of historical churches, and the preservation and strengthening of morals and traditions commands the greatest respect.”

Photo credit: Russian Orthodox Church