House Speaker: Christianity is what connects the people of Europe

The speaker insisted that it was the state’s job to support Christian communities.

During an interview with Hungarian Catholic Radio on Tuesday evening, House Speaker László Kövér said christianity is what connects the people of Europe.

The speaker added that most EU member states and EU institutions were ideologically and politically geared towards “an era of post-Christianity” and to “eradicate traditional Christian communities”, which would result in “chaos, horror and a new barbarism”. The speaker insisted that the state’s job was to support Christian communities because those communities provided “the foundations, principles and moral compass for a normally functioning society”.

When asked whether Hungary would at any point leave the European Union, the house speaker replied: “No”. “Under a pessimistic scenario, the European Union may even disintegrate, but the optimistic scenario sees western Europe awakening and realising that a European identity only can be formed out of national identities built on Christian culture.”

Kövér branded the European Parliament an “insidious” institution that worked against European democracy. Instead of representing the will of the people, he said, the EP operated as “a rival” to the national parliaments of nation states. On the topic of Hungarian politics, Kövér said he expected the allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats to win the 2022 general election, adding however that he anticipated an election campaign “rougher, more personal and more disgusting than ever before”.