How will Hungarians vote in tomorrow’s general election?

We take a snapshot look at why Hungarians will vote in tomorrow's general election

Hungary is a country steeped in tradition, one that prides itself on its sovereignty, independence and Christian roots but most importantly its people.

Much is at stake in Sunday’s general election, but what are the specific reasons that Hungarians will turn out to vote? One of the crucial issues is whether the country will continue to have an anti-immigration government or a pro-immigration government.

Survey's of public opinion indicate that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s stance on migration has broad popular support and will help secure the future of the country.

Mrs. Samu, a 68-year-old grandmother from Gödöllő, agrees that the country must secure its future and plans to vote on Sunday. "We need a strong party. We need strong and resolute politicians. I have got seven grandchildren and I have to think of their future," she said.

“Hungary is my country, this is my home and we must protect our country and our Christian culture from illegal immigrants.

“Of course, there are other elements that I support. For example. I am a pensioner and I was very happy when my husband and I got the 10,000 HUF Erzsébet-utalvány and when the government introduced the reduction in utility costs eight years ago. The economy is improving, and public safety is better than before. I can honestly say that our life is much better [than] eight years ago,” she added.

Mr. Balogh, a 24-year-old professional from the seventh district in Budapest, says he is voting for several reasons.

“Economic growth, improving public safety and the sound conservation of national values," he said.

Ms. Vereczkey, an 18-year-old Hungarian-American living in New York, will vote via the consulate there.

"For me, there's no alternative," she said. "[Who] has created jobs, got inflation under control, started a tourism boom and made decent attempts at stopping immigration?” she asked.

“Everyone who wants to preserve Hungary as a Hungarian country should go to the polls on Sunday," said Prime Minister Orbán on Friday, "and vote twice for Fidesz because it’s the only thing that is sure. Anything else is gambling and could jeopardize our future,” he said.