Hungarian cyclists secure sweeping victory in Tour de Hongrie

16 Hungarian competitors participated in the 40th Tour de Hongrie, cycling 890 kilometers over six days.

Attila Valter came third, while Márton Dina earned second place, beating 126 participants. Their success is expected to open up new opportunities for the next generation of talented sportsmen.

Hungarian cyclists have already caught the eye of Team Cofidis, an exclusive group of leading sportsmen. What’s more, the highly renowned competition, the Giro d’Italia will be held in Hungary in 2020, all thanks to the increased interest and investment in cycling.

Official figures show that 25 percent of Hungarians ride bikes on a regular basis, and about 38 percent of adults, 2.5 million people cycle weekly.

“It was fantastic to see how these young people live up to the expectations and seize opportunities. Hungarian cyclists have a solid track record of winning competitions, and I have no doubt that they will make the sport popular among the general population as well,” said Károly Eisenkrammer, a now-retired professional cyclist and organizer of the Tour de Hongrie.

Photo credit: tourdehongrie.hu