Hungarian Foreign Minister: Brussels must be stopped

The Hungarian referendum is more timely than ever - we must make it clear that "we do not want” any of these proposals and policies

The EU must put an end to the aggressive immigration policy that is against the will of the European people, "Brussels must be stopped", Péter Szijjártó, minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, has said.

Szijjártó takes the view that one of the biggest problems of the European Union is that the European political elite is pursuing a policy that completely disregards the opinion of the European people and often goes against their will.

All political organizations which are formed against the will of the people "become fatally debilitated sooner or later”, and this is what one may observe in the case of the EU as well, he said.

He believes that the EU’s flawed immigration policy is now even jeopardizing the unity of the EU as Brussels’ immigration policy clearly influenced the outcome of the British referendum in an undesirable direction.

This, too, indicates that "Brussels must be stopped”, we must put an end to "the violent immigration policy that is contrary to the will of the European people," he stressed.

According to Szijjártó, the best method to regain the strength of the continent is to pursue a policy that takes the people’s will into consideration.

In Hungary, too, a referendum will be held regarding the mandatory settlement quotas because this is an issue of great importance on which the people have to state their opinions, he pointed out.

He added that the European people have every reason to demand the right to decide themselves on issues that fundamentally determine the future of Europe, including Hungary in it, and in the most democratic possible manner at that.

As he said, the result of the British referendum "clearly shocked the continent”, but this effect should be used for Europe and the European institutions to wake up and see clearly that the European policy which they have pursued to date – most of all, the policy regarding immigration – is not tenable.

However, the institutions of the EU do not wish to use this shock effect in the interest of a change for the better, but want to reinforce a policy instead which will lead to the fatal debilitation of the EU, he explained.

Szijjártó also stated that the proposals made by American businessman György Soros with a view to addressing the immigration situation, "it is quite shocking” that a billionaire should recommend that the institutions of the EU should take money away from the European people, and especially the Central Europeans, in order to finance the illegal immigrants arriving in Europe.

György Soros’s proposal would take billions of euros away from Hungary and the Hungarian people, as it suggests that the EU should cut the grants that we are eligible for, he said. He added "thank you very much, but no, thank you”.

It is on account of proposals like these and the EU’s immigration policy that the Hungarian referendum is more timely than ever. He highlighted that we must make clear that "we do not want” any of these proposals and policies.