Hungarian high school students to teach senior citizens how to use the internet

Telekom Hungary is helping to bridge the generation gap in technology by teaching pensioners how to use the internet – with high school students as the teachers

Telekom Hungary has launched a new multi-generation program: high school students will teach senior citizens over the age of 60 how to use the internet.

Students can offer digital knowledge that facilitates the everyday lives of older people and will provide them with useful technology solutions.

The telecommunication company has a dual purpose with the initiative. On one hand, helping the older generation to find their way through the digital world, and on the other, offering interesting and useful tasks for high school students for their compulsory community service programs.

Students should become more sensitive to the problems of others and acquire skills that can have a significant value to the labor market. Collaborative work develops their problem-solving ability and creativity, and teaching also supports the development of critical thinking.