Hungarian minister visits Transylvania to stress importance of Christian values

Minister of Human Capacities Miklós Kásler addressed the Transylvanian Hungarian community in Cluj

Hungarian Minister of Human Capacities Miklós Kásler spoke at the closing event of the Cluj Hungarian Days (Kolozsvári Magyar Napok) on Sunday.

Minister Kásler emphasized that he was particularly pleased to speak on the land of his ancestors, in Cluj, also named “The Treasure City” of Transylvania, where his father received his degree, patriotism and humanity.

The minister said that he came on a pilgrimage to profess beliefs in the heritage of our holy kings, the greatness of men and statesmen, and Hungarian and Christian values. After that the great nation tore apart our way of life, traditions, belief system, sovereignty and our unique, ancient culture lived on in Transylvania, Kásler said.

The minister said that the surviving Hungarian world-view created the first religious peace in the world in Turda, adding that the Roman population’s language and culture could also have flourished safely there throughout the centuries.

According to Minister Kásler, classic human and Christian values are the pillars of identity. We live in the omnipotence of money, power and pleasures, while the meaning of life, the spiritual world, can be found beyond instincts. It existed in the traditions and history of the Carpathian Basin, he said. However, unfortunately the nations living here became the subject of manipulation.

He pointed out that Central Europe can only be a winner if it restores its values and identity that existed before.

It is impossible, as it has already been proven by history, to change conditions and capabilities by force, discipline and thoughts transform men and peoples, the minister said.