Hungarian quarantine theater brings art to homes via Facebook broadcasts

The first Hungarian quarantine theater brings culture back into Hungarian citizens’ everyday lives and provides new opportunities for emerging writers.

László Magács, head of the TRIP Boat in Budapest, established the first Hungarian quarantine theater after all cultural venues had to shut down due to the coronavirus epidemic on March 13.

On the deck of the boat, behind closed doors; actors, musicians and performers can meet to create one-off productions. But there is no theater without an audience, so the TRIP Boat team records all performances and provides an opportunity for spectators to take part in this unique series of cultural programs in their homes, in a safe environment, via a live Facebook broadcast.

Their repertoire is impressive, including plays in Hungarian and English, concerts, reading nights and other performances.

TRIP Boat would also like to use this unusual time to give opportunities to those who want to step on the art world stage by launching competitions and initiatives. The best of April’s playwright competition are being livestreamed on Wednesdays; the winners of the first mask design competition will be announced this week; and videos of dancers who want to be included in the clip for International Dance Day are open until April 25.

Take care of each other, but the show must go on!

Photo redit: Fidelio