Hungarian Red Cross to distribute gifts to needy this Christmas

A massive 34 tons of goods will be distributed this Christmas among people and families in need.

The Hungarian Red Cross, in cooperation with Auchan department stores, has collected 34 tons of goods it will distribute at Christmas among people and families in need.

According to MTI, the goods include durable food, sanitary and hygienic supplies, sweets and toys donated by customers in 24 Auchan stores over the past two Advent weekends across the country. The donations will be sorted into combined packages by social care experts and distributed with the help of the Red Cross’s regional offices. “The donations will help us support 9,700 people and families primarily at Christmas time but also later on during ordinary days for a couple of weeks,” said Judit Waller-Fekete, a representative of Red Cross.

Photo credit: Shutterstock