Hungarian universities popular among foreign students

German and Chinese students are taking up a higher number of courses at Hungarian universities this year.

Hungarian universities are becoming more popular among foreign students, government official Bence Rétvári has said.

According to Rmx.news, Rétvári said that as an example, the number of medicine graduates from abroad last year was double compared to 2010 when the current conservative government came to power. Rétvári also said that in the past five years alone, the ratio of foreign students rose to 12 percent from 7 percent.

Germany is where most foreign students come from, followed by China, with which Hungary has a series of state-sponsored student exchange programs and China’s Confucius Institute – which has an office in Budapest – also strongly promotes cooperation between the two countries’ academics.

Hungary is also the only non German-speaking country which has a completely German-language university, the private Andrássy University in Budapest. Many other universities also offer bachelor, masters and PhD level courses in English.

Rétvári also said that state support for higher education has increased by 46.1 percent in the last decade.

Photo credit: haszon.hu