Hungarian Wine Summit to take place between April 21 and 25

Over 100 international experts are scheduled to get an introduction to Hungarian wines in Budapest and during country tours.

Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency (MBU) has announced that international experts are to be introduced to Hungarian wines in Budapest and during country tours at the Hungarian Wine Summit between April 21 and 25.

Pál Rókusfalvy, the government commissioner in charge of wine marketing, said expansion in foreign markets is a real moving force behind wine trading, and the recently established agency is working towards this. Rókusfalvy said a study of primary and secondary markets for Hungarian wines revealed that whites were most in demand abroad, representing 86 percent of exports last year. Considerable efforts are underway in Germany and the UK to market Hungarian wines, and their presence is also growing in China, South Korea, Poland and the US, he added. Presenting the Hungarian Wine Summit programme, MBU marketing director Anita Pusztai said nine master courses will offer an overview of the most important Hungarian grape varieties and 107 wineries will present 386 products to international wine traders, writers and sommeliers at Millenáris Park on the first day of the summit. This will be followed by a three-day study program with four optional routes including visits to wine cellars and regional tasting sessions, she added.