Hungary and Romania reach agreement on EU farming policy

The two countries agreed that the EU's farm policy must remain simple and farmer-friendly

Hungary and Romania will coordinate their agricultural diplomacy efforts in the planning and shaping of European Union farm policy.

Hungarian Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas and his Romanian counterpart, Minister Achim Irimescu, agreed terms in Pericei (Szilágyperecsen), in northwestern Romania, on Saturday.

Minister Fazekas told the MTI news agency that coordinating the EU’s common agricultural policy was the most important topic of the talks.

Both Hungary and Romania are interested in the existence of a strong common agricultural policy in the EU, with appropriate funding, he said.

The two countries also agreed that the EU's farm policy must be simple and farmer-friendly, and that access to funds should also be easy in order to ensure that farms can be operated in a modern and competitive way.

Other topics on the agenda included, the two ministers discussed veterinary health issues in relation to farming.