Hungary's Election 2022 - Live Updates

01:10 - Fidesz wins fourth consecutive term

Hungary's Fidesz-led alliance won a fourth successive term in Sunday's election amid a high turnout of 69.49 percent, and was on course to win 135 seats in the 199-seat parliament, keeping its two-thirds majority.

22:55 - Kovács confident ahead of final result

Zoltán Kovács, State Secretary for International Communications and Relations, said the ruling party is extremely confident about the result of the election. 

According to MTI, Kovács stressed that it was a very serious contest, with an unseen number of parties and political forces taking part in the fight in Hungary. He thanked everyone for voting, stressing that democracy has not weakened but strengthened in the past 12 years. "It is very encouraging to see on the map that the mandate - which we have already received three times from the Hungarian people - promises to be very strong for the future," he said.

22:50 - PM Orbán thanks supporters

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has appeared in front of the Fidesz election hub at the Balna in Budapest. The prime minister said: "The whole world has seen that Hungarians love their country God above us all, Hungary above all - go Hungary, go Hungarians!"

"We did not let the failed past return, we defended Hungary's independence and freedom, peace and security, and we protected our children and families," the prime minister added.

22:25 - Fidesz in the lead

According to the latest NVI results:

- Fidesz-KDNP has the lead with 55.16 percent of the votes.

- United for Hungary is second with 33.09 percent of the votes.

- Our Home is in third place with 6.45 percent of the votes.

The parliamentary seat estimate:

- Fidesz-KDNP: 134 seats.

- United for Hungary: 58 seats.

- Our Home: 7 seats.

21:40 - 134 seats predicted for Fidesz

According to results published by the National Election Office (NVI), with 36.32 percent of the votes counted, parliamentary seat allocation stands at:

- Fidesz-KDNP: 134 seats.

- United for Hungary: 57 seats.

- Our Home: 8 seats.

21:27 - Lázár is currently leading against Márki-Zay

János Lázár is currently leading the race against Péter Márki-Zay in Csongrád-Csanád County's 4th electoral district, with 51.83 percent of the votes. Márki-Zay has so far received 40.02 percent, with 62.39 percent of the votes counted.

21:25 - Early NVI results

NVI reveals results after 23.03 percent of party-list votes processed:

- Fidesz-KDNP leads with 59.99 percent of the votes.

- United for Hungary is in second place with 28.89 percent of the votes.

- Our Home is in third place with 6.58 percent of the votes. 

21:20 - Another two-thirds majority?

With a little over one eighth of the votes counted, according to current projections, Fidesz-KDNP would secure a fourth consecutive two-thirds majority in the Hungarian parliament. Mi Hazánk (Our Home) is predicted to pass the 5 percent threshold to make it into parliament.

21:10 - First results are in

With 16.76 percent of the party-list ballots processed: 

- Fidesz-KDNP leads with 61.93 percent of the vote.

- United for Hungary is in second place with 27.06 percent of the vote.

- Our Home (Mi Hazánk) is in third place with 6.61 percent of the vote.

20:20 - Referendum turnout reaches 67.06%

According to NVI, 67.06 percent of those eligible to vote in the national child protection referendum cast their ballot by 18:30.

20:14 - First preliminary results to be published once the last polling stations close

According to Hungarian election law, no preliminary results should be published before the last polling stations close. Stay tuned for the first results, they can be expected soon!

19:45 - 121 seat prediction for Fidesz

According to Median's latest survey, Fidesz-KDNP could secure 121 seats in the general election. Results are due at 21:00.

19:35 - Postal vote count

At 19:00, the National Election Office (NVI) opened and scanned ballot papers from 140,000 postal votes received for the parliamentary elections. The scanning goes ahead prior to the manual counting of votes. Voters who have no permanent address were able to vote by post for the national list. The NVI registered 456,000 postal voters in total.

19:20 - Nationwide turnout at 67.8%

The nationwide turnout at this year's general election stood at 67.8 percent at 18:30. Four years ago the turnout was at 68.13 percent. The Budapest turnout stood at 72.35 percent while four years ago it was very similar at 72.75 percent. The final turnout is expected to be at around 70 percent.

18:50 - Polling stations close in 10 minutes

Polling stations will close at 19:00 across Hungary when the voting will end. However, those already in line at the 19:00 point will be able to cast their vote. The National Election Office (NVI) will announce the first results at about 21:00.


17:54 - 62.92 percent turnout at 17:00

According to the latest information from Hungary's National Elections Office (NVI), 62.92 percent of those entitled to vote have already shown up at voting booths across the country. In 2018, when a record-breaking number of voters, 70.22 percent of the electorate, voted in the parliamentary elections, the 17.00 turnout figure was slightly higher, 63.28 percent. 


15:52 - 52.75 percent turnout at 15:00

52.75 percent of eligible voters had gone to the polls in Sunday's parliamentary elections by 15:00, with the highest turnout in Pest County at 55.15 percent and 56.44 percent in the capital. Four years ago, 53.64 percent voted before 15:00.


13:40 - 40.01 percent turnout at 13:00

40.01 percent of eligible voters had gone to the polls in Sunday's parliamentary elections by 13.00, according to the National Election Office. In 2018, 42.32 percent voted before 13:00, but never before have so many people voted between 11:00 and 13:00 than this year.


12:15 - 25.77 percent turnout at 11:00

At 11:00, turnout in Hungary's 2022 elections stands at 25.77 percent. Voter activity is significantly lower compared to 2018, when 29.93 percent of the electorate already cast their ballots by 11:00.

Voting all around the country is going smooth, with long queues reported only from a handful of polling stations.

9:58 - 10.31 percent turnout at 9:00

According to the latest turnout figures, 10.31 percent of the around 7.7 million voters already cast their ballots by 9:00.

This figure is significantly lower than in 2018, when 13.17 percent showed up at the polls by 9:00.



9:04 - 1.82 percent turnout at 7:00

Voting began at 6:00 on Sunday in 10,243 polling stations across the country in Hungary's parliamentary elections and the referendum on child protection.

Around 7.7 million voters are expected to go to the polls at stations across Hungary by 7:00.

According to the first turnout figures, 1.82 percent of voters showed up at the voting booths by 7:00, a number a tad smaller than four years ago (2.24 percent).

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also voted, saying that war and peace were at stake.