Hungary hanging by a thread in Euro 2020 football tournament

Wales beat Hungary 2-0 last night to make it into the Euro 2020 finals. Hungary didn't make the cut this time, but has one more chance to qualify at the League of Nations in March.

Hungary is hanging on by a thread in the Euro 2020 football tournament after losing to Wales last night.

Hungary lost the match 2-0 in an away game held in Cardiff which saw them fail to automatically make it past the Euro 2020 qualifying round.

Wales’ win landed them in second place in group E with 14 points and secured their slot in the Euro 2020 final together with group leader Croatia.

Two teams from each of the ten qualification groups made it into the final tournament, with another four places still available. The extra places will be decided next March at the League of Nations, so Hungary still has one more chance of making it into the final tournament.

Photo credit: infostart.hu