Hungary is opening dialogue with Niger on migration and the threat of terrorism

In recent times migration risks in the Sahel region and pressure on Europe from illegal immigration have continued to increase

All this poses a serious threat to the security of the European Union – and thus also of Hungary. Given the central role of Niger in monitoring migration routes, Hungary has initiated a dialogue with the relevant Nigerien authorities in order to gain an understanding of the position and thinking of the current government of Niger. This is necessary because Hungary aims to contribute to reducing migration pressure on Europe. In its projected relations with the Nigerien leadership, Hungary is following what has become established practice in the Western alliance system. The threat of terrorism has recently emerged as a growing risk in the region, causing a deterioration in the local population’s living conditions. Hungary seeks to understand how it can work with affected partners on this issue, based on the principle of assistance on the ground.

In light of all this, Hungary is ready to engage in diplomatic consultations with the political leaders of Niger on the above issues. These talks – mainly on migration and the threats posed by terrorism – will take place at the Niger’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The current visit does not change the position taken so far by the Hungarian government.