Hungary through to Eurovision final on Saturday

Freddie sang his song 'Pioneer' which earned him a place in the top ten

Hungarian singer Freddie, aka Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári, has secured Hungary a place in the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday.

After performing his song 'Pionner' in Tuesday night’s semi-final round, he made it into the top ten which secured his performance in Sweden this weekend.

“We were all thrilled, we did everything we could. We brought all the energy we had – that is how our song works. I hope a lot of you could feel that. I did what I could to raise the Hungarian flag as high as I could,” Freddie said after his performance, reports Hungary Today.

Freddie originally made a name for himself after taking part in the Rising Star talent show in 2014. Following his recent success he has vowed to work on delivering the public his first album following his performance at Eurovision 2016.