Hungary to receive fewer medals at Rio 2016 claims PwC

Study suggests Hungary will come away with five fewer medals at this year's Olympic Games

Hungary is expected to receive fewer medals in the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games than during its 9th place performance in 2012, according to an analysis conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers Hungary.

The study suggests that Hungary will come away with five fewer medals but did not mention in which medal categories PwC expected Hungary to place.

Analysts anticipated the country to rank higher than its 18th place position suggested in the study’s chart.

The team based their analysis on factors they found to be statistically significant in past Olympic Games, and derived their estimates from national economic information, medal totals in the last two Games and a host countryʼs status. 

Hungary has put in a bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games, and positive feedback from the IOC could indicate that the country will obtain a hosting advantage in the future.  

The Brazilian team is expected to accrue a host nation advantage in Rio, while superpowers such as the United States and China are likely to maintain significant leads over the competition, according to PwC.

Great Britain’s numbers for 2016 were predicted to be notably lower than its performance while hosting the London 2012 Games.  

Russia’s predicted third place performance in Brazil was noted to be heavily dependent upon an upcoming ruling by the International Association of Athletics Federation on June 17, which will determine whether the nation’s athletes will be allowed to compete in light of doping concerns.