Hungary's most profitable acquisitions in the spotlight

Hungarian startup Ustream tops the list after being acquired by IBM for 36.4 billion HUF

The Forbes business magazine has compiled an exit list highlighting the most profitable Hungary-related company acquisitions over the past year.
According to vg.hu and MTI, there are two media companies on the list, while the largest sum was paid for a successful Hungarian startup.
Forbes estimates that video streaming service provider Ustream, which was acquired by IBM, was sold for 36.4 billion HUF, occupying first position on the list.
The second highest amount was paid for transportation company Waberer’s International Zrt, by Mid Europa Partners investors for no less than 32.4 billion HUF.
The third largest exit was the selling of commercial television channel TV2. The two members of the management team, Yvonne Dederick and Zsolt Simon, sold the company for 19.6 billion HUF.
The fifth largest exit in 2016 was related to the selling of Class FM commercial radio station, which was acquired for an estimated 3.5 billion HUF by Sláger Rádió Zrt.
Tenth place is occupied by online vacation rental marketplace Szállás.hu, which was acquired by OTP Bank and its private equity arm Portfolion Zrt. for an estimated 2 billion HUF.