Iconic chain bridge to be renovated

Latest projects are all part of the government's ambitious program of renewal

Budapest mayor István Tarlós has announced plans to renovate the city’s iconic chain bridge (Lánchíd) and renovate Blaha Lujza tér, one of Budapestl’s busiest transport hubs.

The Buda Castle tunnel is also a contender for renovation and plans are under consideration to revamp the cog-wheel railway.

Another project on the list of EU- supported investments is to build a new waste management and sludge incinerator works.

These latest projects are all part of the government's ambitious program of renewal. It got under way in 2010 and has had far-reaching impact, changing the domestic labor market, the tax system, the public and private debt burden, and much more.

Renewal has also changed the way Hungary looks, and Budapest is becoming a fine example of how the Orbán Government’s emphasis on renovation and infrastructure are making a visible difference.