Infamous Nyugati overpass to be demolished

Demolishing the overpass on Nyugati Square (next to Nyugati Railway Station) has been on the capital’s schedule for a long time.

The council overseeing all the improvements in Budapest finally made a decision which is to demolish the old overpass as soon as possible as it is “repulsive and ruins the view”.

According to pestbuda.hu, the council made its final decision on May 14, and the plans about demolishing were announced on Kossuth Radio by the mayor of Budapest, István Tarlós.

The iconic overpass in the middle of the city was completed on November 10, 1981, but the idea was actually born in the 1960s and 1970s when the leadership of the capital planned to flood the transportation-developed Budapest with these overpasses to make getting to one point of the city from another quicker and easier.

The same idea was actualised in front of the Keleti Railway Station as well.

Photo credit: origo.hu