Justice Minister calls for "smart Europe based on strong nations"

“What we need is not a superpower but a smart Europe based on strong nations!” the justice minister said.

Justice Minister Judit Varga said Hungary, as a member of the European Union, does not want to be part of a “superpower” but rather a “smart Europe based on strong nations”.

In a post published on Facebook, Minister Varga noted that the conference on the future of Europe was in full swing, with Hungary having organized 316 of the 3,000 events for it, making it the second most active member state behind Germany. Varga said these figures showed that the “bureaucrats and journalists in Brussels” calling for Hungary’s exit from the EU “must be in big trouble, there is no need for hysteria”.

“We Hungarians stick to our European values,” she wrote. Hungary wants to belong to a community it once joined, not to what the institutions in Brussels want to transform it into, she added. “What we need is not a superpower but a smart Europe based on strong nations!” The bloc, she said, should be a “smart Europe where institutions can’t dictate” to member states and where countries can decide which powers they want to transfer to Brussels and which ones remain national competences. “We need a community where unity is just as important as diversity!” Minister Varga wrote. “That is why it is important to make our voices heard as much as possible! Let’s say no to the stealthy transfer of powers together!”

Photo credit: Facebook/Varga Judit