Justice Minister: Conservative politics work

The justice minister said the Christian Democrat and national conservative formula were working.

Justice Minister Judit Varga highlighted the achievements of the Hungarian government during a lecture delivered at the Washington, DC, headquarters of the Heritage Foundation late on Monday, and said those achievements had helped the ruling Fidesz party to its fourth two-thirds election victory in April.

Minister Varga said the government had delivered on its 2010 pledge to create one million new jobs by 2021, adding it was proof that the Christian Democrat and national conservative formula were working. The minister insisted that the liberal mainstream was in opposition with the Hungarian government because it had demonstrated that national sovereignty, conservative values and democratic government based on the rule of law could be harmonised. The rule of law could be maintained on a foundation of conservative values, she added. Concerning the European Union, the minister said the community’s success was based on the achievements of each nation-state but added that the EU was apparently seeking to build a Europe without nations. She said the EU outsourced democracy to an international network of NGOs, which had no authorisation by their respective states and were financed internationally. They have a huge power to influence the public, she said and insisted that the political decision-making in the EU was no longer based on input from the national governments but from the institutions trapped by those NGOs. Europe should again be working as a democracy of democracies, in which the national governments set directions because those are the bodies that bear responsibility for their own citizens and economies, Varga said.