Justice Minister: Families are the building blocks of Hungary’s national sovereignty

Families are the building blocks of Hungary’s national sovereignty, and therefore the government “protects these traditional communities with all its might, with every new law and decision,” Justice Minister Judit Varga wrote in a Facebook post published on Thursday.

The minister revealed the Civil Working Group on Family Law had reconvened on Thursday, a group within which the Ministry of Justice is in liaison with over sixty civil organizations, to review the results of Hungarian family law legislation introduced within the last two years, as well as discussing “the most important tasks ahead of us.”

“It is extremely important for us to maintain a constructive exchange of ideas with civil life and state bodies,” Varga added, revealing the working group paid special attention to hearings involving children, including the implementation of shared parental supervision and shared custody.

“At the meeting, we also talked about the law enforcement problems, which the procedure law accelerator package currently being discussed by the Parliament could provide,” Varga wrote, explaining that upcoming amendments could help to accelerate all family law cases where the court decides on issues involving minor children and offer help for procedural problems arising in cross-border family law cases.

The justice minister vowed to continue working with all “well-meaning civil organizations, and Dr. Zsuzsa Wopera, Minister Commissioner, will work for maintaining effective cooperation and dialogue in the future.”

For the government, “the protection of Hungarian families and children is our priority!” Varga concluded.

Photo credit: Facebook/Varga Judit