Justice Minister: Hungary and Poland represent common sense in the EU

Young people play a key role in preserving the friendship between Poland and Hungary, the two countries’ friendship is “unparalleled in European history”.

Justice Minister Judit Varga said Poland and Hungary represent common sense in the European Union and the exchange of views among their youth contributes to shaping a strong Europe.

Speaking in a video message addressed to participants at the fourth summer university in Krasiczyn, in southern Poland, the minister said young people play a key role in preserving the friendship between Poland and Hungary, and called the two countries’ friendship “unparalleled in European history”. The cooperation between Poland and Hungary contributes significantly to the changes taking place on the European continent and in European civilization, the minister added. Poland and Hungary’s common sense is desperately needed in an EU “whose institutions are flying the goal of becoming an empire on the star-studded flag”, she said.

Concerning the ongoing conference on the future of the bloc, Minister Varga said it was an opportunity for Poland and Hungary to each represent their common sense and “say no to deepening integration” and remind the rest of the bloc that the principle of the rule of law “cannot be used as a tool for political blackmail”. The EU is in need of constructive and sound dialogue, Minister Varga said, underlining the importance of the Krasiczyn summer university giving young people the opportunity to exchange views on various issues. She urged participants to “be the guardians of values” and preserve the belief in the idea of a diverse and strong Europe based on sovereign states. The five-day event, which opened on Monday, is focused on the future of Europe and is being attended by some 150 Polish and Hungarian students. It is being organized by the Wacław Felczak Institute of Polish-Hungarian Cooperation.