Justice Minister: Hungary is open to dialogue with EU

Hungary is open to dialogue with the European Union, but it rejects double standards and stigmatization.

Justice Minister Judit Varga has underlined how Hungary is open to dialogue with the European Union, “but it rejects double standards and stigmatization”.

Speaking before a General Affairs Council ministerial meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday, Minister Varga said: “This is happening at a time when a war is under way in Ukraine, and the EU must demonstrate solidarity and unity, so the focus should be on issues that unite member states instead of those that drive a wedge between them.” Minister Varga said the Hungarian electorate had recently given “the national conservative government a historic mandate for the fourth time”. “This is a strong and comprehensive mandate, with support from 54 percent of voters, which obliges us to remain faithful to our voters’ expectations.”

“Our voters can see the concerns of the European Commission and certain EU partners, but our voters are Hungarian citizens,” she said. “Hungary’s democracy does not share these concerns.” At the same time, the minister said that Hungary was “open to dialogue in the spirit of mutual respect, applying an unbiased approach which excludes double standards and stigmatisation. We can put up with criticism and are willing to address these concerns,” she added.

Photo credit: Facebook/Varga Judit