Justice Minister: Hungary’s sovereignty attacked daily and must be protected

Bence Tuzson said the country’s sovereignty was one of the most important tasks in Hungary today.

Justice Minister Bence Tuzson said on Tuesday that Hungary’s sovereignty was being attacked on a daily basis and must be protected.

Minister Tuzson told a parliamentary debate on the package of laws that protecting the country’s sovereignty was one of the most important tasks in Hungary today. An amendment to the constitution and the bill on sovereignty protection “has life-changing significance” because “certain international powers are trying to sway Hungarian election results” and gain influence in Hungary, he added. Tuzson said strenuous efforts to take the right to self-governance away from Hungarians were underway, and Europe was on track to become “an empire” whereby nation-states were replaced by the United States of Europe. “We must not allow this to happen because this may cause massive long-term damage to Hungary,” he added. The government has proposed an amendment to the constitution to set up an independent authority for the protection of Hungary’s sovereignty. Also, under a proposed amendment to the constitution, the basic rights and obligations of regular staff in the Hungarian Army would be laid down in a government decree. Concerning digital citizenship, the amendment will specify that the state can issue a unique and permanent digital ID for everyone. In line with the bill submitted by ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat lawmakers, the Sovereignty Protection Office will be set up as an autonomous state administration authority involved in assessment activities and making proposals. The task of the authority will include uncovering any interest representation or disinformation activity carried out in the interest of other states or foreign organisations, as well as activities aiming to influence decision-making by the state and society — if they can harm or threaten Hungary’s sovereignty — and organisations that receive support from abroad for the purpose of influencing the elections and voters.